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Scuba Equipment


At Pacific Dive safety is paramount. Our dive guides are some of the most experienced wreck divers in the world having dived the SS president Coolidge in the 10s of thousands of times ! We regularly undertake training to ensure our skills are always up to date and all our scuba gear is regularly checked and serviced. We undertake a risk assessment before each and every dive and will always put diver safety first. All dives on the SS President Coolidge are decompression dives and to ensure our customers and guides are able to dive safely on this deep wreck we plan our dives according to DCIEM Decompression Theory Tables. All other dive sites can be done within Recreational No Decompression Limits. When diving the SS President Coolidge we dive with 11.4L Aluminium Cylinders and guides carry 5.7L Drop Tanks as well as having extra tanks positioned at depth to ensure we always have sufficient gas for the dives. Other equipment required for diving the SS President Coolidge includes

  • 1x Primary Light + at least 1x Backup Light

  • Knife / Line Cutting Tool

  • Surface Signalling Device - SMB + Finger Spool/Reel

We suggest this is purchased prior to your trip to Espiritu Santo however we can hire these to you at an affordable day rate per item

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