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Great shot of Alex and Murray from _ocea

Explore the depths of one the World's best Wrecks


The wreck of the SS President Coolidge rests in depths between 21m and 70m, the colossal former WW2 US Navy troop ship is 200m long, 30m wide and 30m high. Diving beyond the limits of recreational diving & entering into the world of technical diving, allows us to explore far less trafficked areas of the wreck. Within the bowels of the ship lie a myriad of corridors and deep, dark tight areas filled with relics & artifacts providing a window back in time, the enormous cargo holds bathed with ambient light along with the deep dark interior passage ways, make the Coolidge a haven for wreck diving photographers & technical divers alike.

Other technical dive sites around the Southern end of Espiritu Santo include Million Dollar Point, where suitably qualified technical divers can explore the underwater mountain of abandoned WW2 US military equipment down to depths of around 65m.

An absolute “must do” for any fish loving technical diver is to visit one of the stunning pristine reefs and pinnacles surrounding Santo, which offer spectacular walls and awe inspiring drop-offs that reach depths well beyond 100m.

For open circuit back mount divers we provide 11lt aluminium manifolded doubles, plus 11L & 5.7L (207b) aluminium cylinders for decompression gases. *We suggest supplying your own stage bottle rigging.

We also fully support re-breather divers! We can supply 2.7lt aluminium cylinders and stock sofnolime 797. *Private technical guides can be organised to help you get the most out of your rebreather dives.

We also stock medical grade oxygen for nitrox fills up to 100%, & for trimix certified divers we always carry helium, plus our booster pump ensures accurate high pressure fills.*We recommend that you bring your own “Oxygen Clean” regulators.

Our experienced & professional dive guides are there to assist you with everything from equipment logistics, dive planning & ofcourse sharing their extensive & invaluable knowledge of the wreck aswell as many other local dive sites.

It’s hard to imagine a better place to utilise your technical diving skills than a dive on the SS President Coolidge with Pacific Dive.


Any requested mix available. Please contact prior to arrival

30 Vatu per litre.


Blends can be anywhere from 22% to 100%. We recommend bringing your own oxygen cleaned stage regulators. 

12 Vatu per litre.


2.7L Aluminium tanks available for diluent and 02 Cylinders.

2000 Vatu per day.

Sofnolime 797 Grade A

1500 Vatu per kilo.

Decompression/Bailout tanks

Aluminium 11L or 5.7L.

1 tank is provided free of charge when hired in conjunction with CCR Dil & O2 bottles. Can be used with any requested mixed gas, Gas charges apply. Please bring your own stage tank rigging.

1000 Vatu per day.

Side Mount

We have tanks with left and right hand side valves for side mount divers. Please bring your own rigging. 

2000 Vatu per day.

Manifolded Doubles

Manifolded Aluminium 11lt x 2 

2000 Vatu per day.

**All prices are in Vatu and hire prices are for full day rate**

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