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It’s hard to imagine a better place to utilise your technical diving skills than the SS President Coolidge. However as Pacific Dive is located on a remote island, The logistics of gas delivery can sometimes be a slow process. Please contact prior to booking any technical diving courses or tours to ensure we can fully cater to your requests as best as possible.


Any requested mix available. Please contact prior to arrival

21 Vatu per litre.


We offer Nitrox in 5.7L, 7.9L or 11.4L in 02 cleaned tanks. Blends can be anywhere from 22% to 100%. We would recommend bringing your own oxygen cleaned stage regulators. 

8 Vatu per litre.


3L and 2.7L tanks available for diluent and 02 Cylinders.

2000 Vatu.

797 Grade A Sofnolime.

1500 Vatu per kilo.

Bailout tanks

Can be provided in 11.4L or 5.7L filled with air to 200BAR. Please bring all bands and rigging.

Provided free of charge when hired in conjunction with other technical equipment. Can be used with any requested mixed gas, Gas charges apply. Please bring rigging

Side Mount

We have tanks with left and right hand side valves for side mount divers. Please bring your own rigging. 

1500 Vatu.


Manifold (11.4Lx2) come banded ready to go.

2000 Vatu.

**All prices are in Vatu and hire prices are for full day rate**